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A Stress Free Life… You too can live a stress free life, at work, at home and in business. Dr. Shola Ezeokoli is the multi-talented founder and CEO of Balance with Dr. Shola LLC and the Physician Heal Yourself brand. Known for her vibrant personality and innovative approach in her talks, Dr. Shola is passionate about helping early to mid-career women create lives of more wealth, autonomy, freedom, and fun through her work as a professional coach, speaker, and author.

She is an in-demand speaker who helps educate, motivate, and empower her audiences. Learn more about the topics she offers below.

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Stress Free

Burnout to Freedom



This is a must for any organization, especially with the reduction in staffing post the COVID-19 pandemic. Burnout has been shown to cause suicide, physical and mental illness, and overall disruption of patient care due to mental illness of care providers. The purpose of this talk is to give attendees tools, skills, and resources to prevent and beat burnout, and thus prevent and reduce attrition, and improve the disruptions of patient care.

Boundaries: Unequal access as a life-saving tool


When you hear the phrase unequal access, what comes to mind? Many people think of inequity, injustice, and scarcity. In this Keynote, Dr. Shola discusses boundaries in a way that you have never heard before. It’s all about choosing who and what have the greatest and the least access to your time, energy, resources, and mental space.

Saying NO: why we don’t, why we should, and how we can


Studies have shown that saying no to most things is key in achieving Freedom from Burnout. In this talk, Dr. Shola delivers powerful motivation on how you can skillfully incorporate this two letter life saving word, into your daily vocabulary without feeling guilty about it. 

Defeating Burnout in the legal profession


This one hour class, specially prepared for lawyers comes with a CLE approval from the American Bar Association. It can be modified for any organization, as the principles of burnout prevention are the same across the board. 

Keys to Stress Freedom


Stress is common but it doesn’t have to be your story. With these 7 Practical Strategies, you too can live a stress free life, at work, at home and in business. Say goodbye to stress and worry. 

The MAGIC 5 of calm, clarity and confidence


Do you know that you can retrain your mind in order to be stress free? With these techniques Dr. Shola gives you scientifically proven ways to calm your mind, clear brain fog, and develop strong inner confidence. This will help you face your work day in an empowered mental state.

Control your thoughts, control your life


Our thought patterns can either build us up, or become detrimental to our mental health. Yes we think, but did you know that there are Thinking patterns that empower you, and also thinking patterns that disempower you. In this Keynote, Dr. Shola points out the various disempowering thinking patterns, and shows you how to avoid them. 

Leadership Topics

Progress Through Peace Of Mind: How To Promote Psychological
Safety As a Leader


Psychological safety is the ability to show and employ oneself without fear of negative consequences of self-image, status, or career. Organization leaders need to be able to create a culture of psychological safety in small or large organizations in order to attract and retain top talent; reduce attrition, and sustain and improve organizational goals.

By the end of this session (1 hour), attendees will be able to:

  1. Identify the benefits of psychological safety 
  2. Obtain strategies and skills to create a culture of psychological safety as a leader. 
  3. Become aware of the need for psychological safety yourself.
  4. Identify the four quadrants of psychological safety. 

“Stop Fighting!”
A No Frills Approach to Conflict Management

Conflict management can be defined as the process of dealing with (perceived) incompatibilities or disagreements arising from, for example, diverging opinions, objectives, and needs.

-Frank R. C. de Wit


Contrary to popular belief, conflict avoidance is not a good thing. On the flip side, unmanaged conflict leads to bullying, passive aggression, and leadership but the loudest but least qualified. As a leader of any organization, being able to manage and resolve conflict is essential to organizational growth, and employee wellness, satisfaction and engagement.


At the end of this activity participants will be able to:


  1. Identify what conflict management is and what it isn’t. 
  2. Utilize specific strategy to create winning conversations 
  3. Become aware of the best and the worst times to have crucial conversations 
  4. Create a safe space for conflict resolution 
  5. Utilize relational capital as a tool for conflict management

You Cannot Pour From An Empty Cup: Investing In Yourself While Developing Others


You cannot pour from an empty cup. Personal development is lifelong, and you cannot properly invest in others unless you are investing in yourself. Changing times call for changing perspectives, and the onus is on leaders to take care of their own personal development while helping other grow.


At the end of this activity participants will be able to:


  1. Balance the needs of personal development with the needs to help develop others coming behind them.
  2. Identify the ways in which they best add value. 
  3. Develop a strategy for their own personal development
  4. Utilize stated strategies to invest in themselves, as well as future leaders, without burning out 

Dr. Shola Ezeokoli is positioned to work with your organization to improve health, productivity, and engagement to a focus on life balance, confidence, and personal power which will take you from a place of surviving to a place of actually thriving.

If there is a topic that you would like Dr. Shola to address that is not on this list, please contact:  team@sholaezeokoli.com


Dr. Shola has spoken on a variety of motivational topics. We can tailor a topic to suit your needs.

What People Are Saying...

Excellent speaker with such a powerful message!


Dr. Shola was such an amazing speaker at the Women Physicians Wellness Conference in Grand Cayman this year! Dynamic, engaging and funny…with such a powerful message to share. Don’t miss the opportunity to book her for your event. Such a shining star!”


Erica H.

Dr Shola Ezeokoli is an excellent teacher and coach. She has spoken several times at our church RCCG RPA ,Dolton, IL. She ALWAYS leaves us wanting her to come back soon for some more.”


RCCG Dolton

“She’s amazing!!!

This woman is amazing! I’ve been so blessed by her events and books. My first major event with her was in 2016 and I’ve been a fan ever since. If you’ve attended any of her events then you already know, she leaves you feeling empowered, energized and motivated. I look forward to future events!”

Lois S.

burnout speaking topics

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burnout speaking topics


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