The SHOLA Method

Dr. Shola Ezeokoli


I am Shola Ezeokoli, and I help professionals transition to New CBVs (Careers, Businesses and Vocations) through the S.H.O.L.A method, in 6 months or less.

The SHOLA™ method is a proprietary system developed for Burnout Freedom Coaching.

As I coached other clients not necessarily dealing with burnout, I found that I was “accidentally” using the framework.


S – Self
HHead and Heart space



S - Self

With my ID-7 technique I teach how to build an empowered identity by contrasting and calling out the other 7 disempowered identities and showing you how to turn them off. A empowered identity can be the difference between asking for a raise and keeping quiet while others get promoted.


  • I show you how to develop an identity, an improved sense of self, so that you can defeat the self doubt that inevitably comes with CBV Changes.

  • You will feel important, worthy, and deserving of your new level.

  • You will be in control, and get back your sense of autonomy

H - Head & Heart Space

Retraining your mind through my proprietary magic five technique, will give you calm, confidence, and clarity to take the next step to your new CBV.

  • The MAGIC 5 method only works on the foundation of ID-7 technique.

  • You will feel “unbothered” by things that make others have a meltdown,

  • You will be clear on what you want always, and have the same confidence that you have in your medical career.

O - Offshoots

This refers to our relationships, allies, and support systems. With my R.A.T. I and R.A.T II tools, I show you how to do a relationship inventory and how to build a support system around you. These tools will show you how to have effective, purposeful, relationships instead of negative draining ones.


  • You will feel positive in your relationships, with more joy, fun, purpose and less stress.
  • You will have supportive people around you, bending over backwards just to help YOU.
  • You will ask for help and get it.

L - Language

My approach, the WWCC (Win-Win in Crucial Conversations), will not leave you guessing about what to say and how to say it to whom. You will have effective powerful conversations that will have people saying YES! to you. I once used this method to go from a bonus of $0 to $1,200. How much money are you leaving on the table just from not using the “right words”.


  • You will never leave a conversation feeling “I should not have said that”. Instead, you will feel heard, respected and purposeful.
  • You will increase your chances of getting what you want, simply by learning the right words to use in each situation

A - Avocation

In this step, I help you reconnect with your life mission and purpose including and beyond being a doctor. From developing meaningful hobbies for play, to creating income from your natural gifts and talents, I teach you how to Discover, Master, and Manifest your calling, be it inside or outside of traditional medicine.


  • In the PCV approach that I adapted from Michael Hyatt, you are guaranteed to discover your True LifePurpose in 3 sessions or less.
  • You will have clarity, direction and STRATEGY for your next moves.


1. Improved self worth

2. New profitable CBV

3. Better relationships

4. Better mental health

5. Improved autonomy

6. More wealth

7. Improved transferrable confidence

A so much more, just ask.



I am Shola Ezeokoli, and I help professionals transition to New CBVs (Careers, Businesses and Vocations) through the S.H.O.L.A method, in 6 months or less.


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