The Busy Woman's Guide To True Self Care:
10 Secrets To Caring For You Better
The phrase self-care is bandied around a lot these days. Simply put, self care means “care of self”. Ask yourself the question, what does self-care mean to you? How are you “taking care of self”? Some people think self-care is a spa day, getting your hair done, getting your nails done, treating yourself, going on a retreat, etc. all of these things are great ideas, but I would like to challenge you to go deeper.

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I am Dr. Shola Ezeokoli and I help busy professional women live burnout-free lives so that they can enjoy the lives that they worked so hard to build. I do this through Professional Coaching And Mentoring.

I am something of a self styled, self care “guru” and here are my Self Care Secrets. You may know some or maybe even all of these. However, you may not have seen them in the context of self care. Remember this, self care is more than just a spa day.

Dr. Shola Ezeokoli
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