Vocation (Latin root “vocare” – to name or call)
the particular occupation for which you are trained

How to find your purpose…?

I get asked this all the time in my practice as a coach, and speaker. And the answer is a simple one…

You only have to meet three core qualities where they intersect, then take time to reflect on how they apply to your search for your calling.

This reflection will be meditation or prayer. It will be an inward-facing journey for the most part. No one can dictate your calling…you must find it yourself, although it will feel like it has come from outside of yourself.

It will capture your attention, it will appeal to you on so many levels it will be impossible to ignore.

Why does it matter?

Why does it matter…why should you know how to find your purpose, your calling?

I was blessed to discover my calling very early in my life. Helping people – first through medicine, then coaching, writing and motivational speaking – fuels me. I want everyone to live their very best life, not simply coast through it without sharing that unique gift they have for the world.

I understand that you might be tempted to ignore the call when it comes to you, but I strongly urge you to answer the call…not just for your own life fulfillment, but for the benefit of those around you.

The Three-Way Intersection.

If you’re reading this article then you clearly are wondering how to find your purpose. It will be found at the intersection of these three qualities…

1) Passion.

As you begin your meditation and self-reflection, ask yourself these questions:

I am energized by my workshops and speaking engagements. I can come out of an all-day session still feeling full of enthusiasm and excitement. It’s my passion.

2) Competency.

Be honest with yourself (and also don’t undervalue yourself) during this exercise. During your meditation ask yourself:

    • What am I good at?
    • What are my natural talents?
    • Am I good at math, organizing, counseling, problem-solving, diplomacy?
    • How could I refine those skills to walk in my calling?

I’m a very analytical thinker, that is one of my strengths. My critical reasoning skills have helped me as a doctor.

I also speak very wellmy intonation is unique because of the unique fusion of Nigerian, Guyanese, English and American accents, but it appears to capture people’s attention!

I’ve also joined speakers’ associations and studied to become a better public speaker – it’s important to refine and enhance a natural ability.

3) Value.

This requires outside observation. There’s no point in finding your purpose if nobody will engage in your calling, so look around you and ask yourself:

    • What do people need?
    • What do people want?
    • What are they willing to pay for it?

A calling that doesn’t pay is simply a hobby…

There’s nothing wrong with having a hobby, but unmasking your purpose and sharing it with the world should be something that leads to value for you…and for the people who walk the journey alongside you.

Perhaps you were called to start a charity. If you are passionate about the cause, have competency getting the charity off the ground and can demonstrate its value, donors will be knocking on your door.

How does this all add up?

Let’s look at these three qualities as a series of potentially negative equations:

  • Passion + Competency – Value = a hobby
  • Passion – Competency – Value = burnout in the long run
  • Competency + Value – Passion = boredom in the long run

That last equation summed up my life at one point. While I’m a very good physician and there was a demand for my services, I became bored and tired of the healthcare system itself. I still enjoyed delivering care to my patients, but I was bogged down and stifled by the bureaucratic burdens that took us away from our patients and chained to our desks filling out paperwork. I lacked passion.

Important: It’s not a one-shot deal.

Maybe you’re multi-talented…or, like me, you choose to redirect your energies to something new during your life journey.

You don’t have to limit yourself to walking one life purpose. Once you know how to find your calling, you’re free to revisit the path you’re on and consider changing directions – radically or slightly.

Take Will Smith, for example. He’s a giant in the music and movie industry now…and he’s pursued his passion, his competency, and value throughout his career. He’s taken each step as a necessary part of his journey as he follows – and creates – his calling.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the notion of a self-directed journey I invite you join me on my exclusive Masterclass:  How To Know Your Calling And Walk In Your Purpose on Saturday, January 11, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. CST.

I want to help you complete the best possible equation…

  • Passion + Competency + Value = your best, balanced life.

Let’s work together through your journey…it’s empowering to live a life of balance and step into your calling with confidence and conviction.

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