Whatever your long-term goals are, without the following three qualities below, you will very likely fizzle out before you get to your goals. The unstoppable trio comprises perseverance, Patience and Passion.

1. Perseverance: Perseverance means to be persistent. Persist means refuse to stop. There is a saying that goes the: “If you are prepared to stand forever you will not be standing for long”. This is the sort of attitude that one must cultivate for long term success. Don’t give up, give in or give out. Fight for your dreams, goals and aspirations. You may need to change your methods as you learn and grow, but stick to your plans and goals. Your long-term goals will not happen overnight, Grit is the power of perseverance.

2. Patience: Patience means good natured tolerance of delay. They words here are “good natured”. Patience typically has to go hand in hand with perseverance. If you persist without patience you can ruin your good spirits when the road get rough. Patience without perseverance can lead to complacency. You do not want to spend your life just waiting for things to happen with no action plan. While you wait, work on your goals. Remember that some things just take time. You cannot get a baby in one month by making 9 women pregnant. Play the long game.

3. Passion: Passion means an intense desire or enthusiasm for something. Pas-sion is what keeps the fire in your perseverance. Without passion, perseverance becomes drudgery, and patience becomes boredom. Since passion is enthusi-asm, how do you stay enthusiastic?

*By celebrating your small “wins”.

*By doing something everyday that will bring you closer to your goals.

*By remembering the reason why you are trying to achieve your goals.

*By writing down your reasons, and looking at them often.

*By associating with like minded people.

*By working with a coach or mentor, if need be.

With the trio above, you will truly be unstoppable. What other qualities have you noticed that can aid success in the long term?

If you want the tools, tips and tricks to achieve balance and success in life, you may need a coach to work with. If you are not sure about committing to a full program or package yet, you can schedule a strategy session with me, to get some initial steps to propel you to your next level.

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