Every three months I go on a one day personal retreat. I save up a few dollars each month, and I use this to book a hotel room within a 30-40 minute distance from my home and I take off. I usually stay for 10 to 12 hours and I have no agenda. As someone who plans out every single minute of her life, this is a refreshing change of pace. I pray, sleep, swim, exercise, eat, read, and do very little by way of work. Since I started taking these personal retreats, my life has moved to a new level. I have become more creative, more productive, more efficient and more peaceful.

Here is the power of a personal retreat when done properly:

1. It helps you to rest and recharge: On my first retreat, I slept for 5 straight hours! I did not realize just how tired I was. I then got up and watched some Christian TV, and ate Chinese food. There is more to it than just physical rest, however. The no agenda day gives you a mental and emotional break from the busyness of life.

2. It helps you reconnect with God: I can pray, read the Bible, and meditate without my eyes on the clock. On my own like that, I can pray and meditate really deeply, connect with the Most High without any human agenda blocking my flow with the Spirit.
3. It helps you re-connect with yourself: My mentor likes to say, “Sometimes you need to have a meeting with yourself about yourself”! I have 12 hours to sit with my own thoughts. While that may sound intimidating if you are not used to introspection; it does help to examine yourself, your heart, and yes, examine your own thoughts too! Are they true? Do they serve God, serve you and serve your purpose to the world? The frenetic busyness of life can sometimes leave you disconnected from your true self. We are human beings, but a lot of times, we are tempted to think that we are human doings! A personal retreat can help you connect with you.

4. It helps you bring your focus back to what really matters: When you are by yourself you can focus on what truly matters in life, and reconnect to them.
5. It helps your creativity: If you are a creative like me, you will realize that you are at your peak when your batteries are recharged, so to speak. Ideas flow more easily, and with these creative ideas, you can be more productive in the future. At my last retreat I started to create a brand new coaching course.
6. It helps your productivity and efficiency: After a retreat my productivity improves to a whole different level. I become laser focused, and as my results improve, I am challenged to do even better.
7. It helps you take time to plan for the future: I revisit my plans, my goals, as well as take time to do the mindset work that I need to do to get to the next level. I write down some of the things I want to achieve before my next retreat.

Have you ever considered a person retreat? What are your barriers to doing this if any?
Remember, rest and relaxation is not an option.
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