Life Coaching

 Thank you for everything. I appreciate all you do. I’m grateful for this {coaching} and I’m grateful for you. If you ever stop to wonder why you answered the call...take a look at my life and be sure you did the right thing. 
Dr. Eno Nsima-Obot
 The real deal when it comes to creating a laser focussed action plan- I had the pleasure of scheduling a two hour laser focussed strategy session with Dr Shola. During that time we went over the big picture for my wellness business. As a trained professional life coach myself it was refreshing having her reflect back to me my ‘blind spots’ We identified areas where self-sabotage was showing up in my actions (Yikes!!) But it was her invitation to focus on taking daily action steps that made me focus on playing a much bigger game. I can confidently share that I’m up to playing a much bigger game in 2020 thanks to my session with Dr Shola and walking my walk, and bringing my expertise and voice to the marketplace in a much more empowered way. Thank you Dr Shola 
 Sometimes we all need a listening ear and emotional support. That was me in early to mid 2017. I had so much going on in my life and it was a blessing to connect with Shola. Her ability to connect and listen, to emphasize, and share useful/relevant anecdotes from her own life, uplifted me at a very difficult time. Even when she could not relate, she would take a minute to acknowledge my difficulties and that meant a lot. She would try to offer suggestions, from experiences or the Bible. She encouraged me to cut out unnecessary stress. Most importantly, she taught me that I am good enough, and to take pride in being just me. I learned a great deal from her and I found emotional healing that has continued to endure. I can confidently say that I am in a much better place, Praise be to God. I am very grateful to Shola, truly. 
Ronda Olson
 Shola is a wise investment. She benefits you with a roadmap, a strategy, an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your unique personality, how to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses, she handles her velvet covered pointed stick with directness and compassion, and she has practiced and continues to excel and grow in what she offers. She is not giving you information, but rather years’ worth of experience in a six month download. Humility, power, proven success and a genuine and personal approach are what make her a wise investment in yourself. 
Uche Njiaju
 I reached out to Shola when I needed help and direction in setting up a social media presence and blog. We worked together over a period of several months. I found her to be extremely organized, efficient, and supportive. She made me commit to short and long-term goals, to accomplish what I had set out to do. Shola is extremely knowledgeable and always had many suggestions and resources for me to look up. Even despite that, I noticed a humility that is rare to find - she would always take down notes, promise to look things up, and get back with me, etc. I found her session summary notes very helpful and even now, 1 year after, I still refer to them to stay on track with my program and goals. She is very dedicated and with a “can do” attitude that is very helpful for an uncertain beginner. If you have a sense of what you want to accomplish, and need help with fine-tuning, direction, and tools, she is definitely one to connect with. I have grown from an aspiring blogger, to an established social media doc with a clear niche, and author of a book. Shola is the sort of coach that can get a beginner to the next level and to accomplishment! 
Funke Oladejo
 I love her balance nuggets. They are things you knew deep down but just need someone to put it into words. Thanks for taking the time and efforts to do this. 
Dr. Gabrielle D.
 I want to shout out a very important person in my life. Shola Shade Ezeokoli . Honestly the thought of a “coach” or anything other than sports was “simple” to me. I thought it you need that just go to therapy. I did that and it wasn’t giving me what I needed. Sometimes you need that sounding board to bounce ideas off of. NO Im not gonna bounce my ideas pertaining to medicine off a friend that has no knowledge of medicine. She has really helped me BEGIN to step outside my comfort zone and realize my OWN power to BE [whatever I want] and whatever I do, how I do it and when I do is is PERFECT TIMING. So if you need someone to help push you to your max. THIS IS SHE! She is multifaceted, strong and encouraging not to mention SPECIFIC to YOUR needs. 
Steve Olson
 This lady is extraordinary and her remarkable life experience and her list of accomplishments makes her advice and guidance invaluable. Get to know her through her work. Highly recommended. She is professional, intelligent, helpful and authentic. Her holistic approach to life, and authentic desire for you to live the life you've dreamed of, is a catalyst to a balanced and productive plan for living. Dr. Shola has my highest recommendation, and hiring her as a coach is not an expense, it is a solid investment in yourself! 

Author Coaching

Buki Oragbade
 The process of writing a book could be a bit daunting especially if it’s your first time and you’re self-publishing. During the writing process, a lot of time I thought to myself that they were other books out there on confession and so I stopped writing sometimes Getting a coach was the best decision I made where my book is concerned...I didn’t just get a coach, I got Dr Shola @sholashade1 ...Her energy is contagious! After speaking with her once or twice, I literally felt I was holding my book in my hands. She referred me to the best from editing, layout, ISBN, copyright etc I still hear her voice saying, ‘You need to talk more about your book on social media’, ‘People don’t know you’ve written a book until you tell them and when you tell them, tell them again' Thank you Dr Shola. Don’t spend all your life wishing to write that God given idea, get a coach, get Dr Shola!  
Kailanya Brailey
 Shola was a key factor in the publishing of my first children’s book. Though I had written the book several years prior, I found myself meeting various roadblocks in my quest to bring my vision to life. Once I began working with Shola, I was able to determine a true direction for my project. Not only did she provide me with actionable feedback, she provided support and knowledge that I had not yet encountered on my journey. Shola helped me put my dreams to work, and for that, I am forever grateful.  
Dr. Ebony Hilton
 This year I decided to venture out of my comfort zone of medicine and into the word of literature. I knew it was my passion but had no clue how to start. By happenstance I found Dr. Shola and it has truly been a Godsend! I went from almost being paralyzed from the unknown of how to start to truly being excited about the process because I had found someone who was truly invested in my success. She has been an amazing coach and an even better friend. 


Omowunmi Olunloyo
 Dr. Shola is a vibrant, full of energy, never-a-dull-moment speaker who always gives workable strategy and solutions to many of the hard questions that busy working women with big dreams face. She is hilarious and engaging with practical insights that can inspire and motivate any audience. I would highly recommend Dr. Shola as a speaker for your conference or organization. 
Doranita Tyler
 Wow!!! Dr. Shola, thank you for delivering such an energetic talk on BALANCE! “Having it All, Without Doing It All!”, is contrary to how women typically think. In order to get it all done, it’s often thought we have to do all the work too. We were left enlightened on the importance of self-care and setting boundaries to achieve stress-free lives. Here’s to avoiding burnout through prioritizing self, without the guilt and empowering others how to do the same. 
RCCG Dolton
 Dr Shola Ezeokoli is an excellent teacher and coach. She has spoken several times at our church RCCG RPA ,Dolton, IL. She ALWAYS leaves us wanting her to come back soon for some more. 
Annette Harris
 Words cannot express how much I enjoyed you and your book on my show 
Angie Mims
 The energy that Dr Shola exudes is refreshing because nothing is better than being both smart and comedic! 
Ayo Dahunsi
 Dr. Shola was simply amazing at the Women Empowerment Conference that I hosted in 2018. Energetic, engaging and captivating are just some of the words that I will use to describe her presentation style. Her insight was practical and left the audience inspired to do more. I would highly recommend Dr. Shola as a keynote speaker for any event or initiative. 
Bishop Nolan McCants
 Dr. Shola Ezeokoli is the consummate professional. When asked to speak she comes prepared with experience, data and common sense applications. She shares with her own style of humor, seeking to engage her audience. Dr. Shola is both relational and relatable which makes her presentations all the more authentic. She has always been a benefit to our meetings.