Hands up if you have broken all your New Year’s resolutions yet? Yeah I thought so. If you do not make resolutions, congratulations!

If you do, I am here to liberate you from them!

Why? For the following reasons:

1. A New Year’s resolution is not a plan.

2. A new Year’s resolution is not a strategy.

3. A New Year’s resolution leaves you with nothing by way of action steps.

4. A New Year’s resolution does not provide you with accountability.

5.A New Year’s resolution presumes that there is only one time for change.

6. A New Year’s resolution can keep you in your comfort zone.

7. Once broken, a New Year’s resolution tends to stay that way.

8. A New Year’s resolution does not take into account the amount of mindset work needed for change.

9. A New Year’s resolution can often be uni-dimensional and not take into account all the moving parts that it might take to bring a project, goal, or dream to pass.

10. In times of discouragement, a New Year’s resolution cannot stand on its own merits.

What do we do instead?
What do we do instead?

What are we to do instead of making New Year’s resolutions?

Instead of making New Year’s resolutions year in year out, and not getting anywhere, write out your goals. Write out a plan to achieve them. Get some accountability. You see, when we are in school our teachers hold us accountable for our homework, assignments, and classwork. In your job, your boss holds you accountable with threats of being written up, or losing your job. People are also held accountable at work through incentives. Who holds you accountable for all the work that you need to do for your life to go on: following your dreams, staying fit, surrounding yourself with right relationships, finding new sources of income, eating the right foods, staying on track spiritually, etc? A written plan, a written, practical well-thought-out strategy, and accountability will serve you where a new year resolution will not. This is where life coaches come in. You will get so much further with the coach then you will do on your own. There is no need to spin your wheels any longer. If you do not actively make the choices that you want, you will end up living a life that you do not want.

Say, “No more”, to New Year’s Resolutions!

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