Become a self published author in three easy steps!

Dear Authors: 

  1. Unless you are already well known, a book is not a cash cow. Write that book.
  2. You have to be proud of your work. If you don’t believe in it, how will we? Write that book.
  3. Don’t use “I don’t have time” as an excuse. You have 24 hours like the rest of humanity. Write that book.
  4. Have a plan for your book beyond just writing and publishing. Write that book.
  5. Refuse to be intimidated by big names and celebrities. There are 7 billion people on the planet. A lot of them will want your book. Write that book.

Learn 7 Powerful Tips To Saving Yourself From Burnout

After reading this book you will be able to:

✓ Find the balance between work and life
✓ Pursue the career path you always dreamed of
✓ Get the energy to achieve your goals