Any organization can improve their employee engagement with my burnout to balance program because it makes burn out easy to defeat. Compassion fatigue, moodiness, absenteeism, and employee engagement are all symptoms of burnout, and factors that contribute to high turnover rates leading to loss of revenue and instability in companies. Burnt out employees are at a high risk of depression, anxiety, and addictions.

However, we do not have to accept this as the status quo! Dr. Shola Ezeokoli is positioned to work with your organization to improve health, productivity, and engagement to a focus on life balance, confidence, and personal power which will take you from a place of surviving to a place of actually thriving.

Her signature corporate wellness program Burnout To Balance has been approved by the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professional Development. This program provide tools and strategies to eliminate burnout through a focus on total life harmony. This program can be given as a lunch and learn; seminar, or workshop.

Other speaking topics include:

CODE Blue-Rescuing Physicians In Burnout

Burnout. Depression. Physician suicide. As doctors, we cannot effectively treat others unless we ourselves are healed. This talk addresses how doctors can take charge of their own lives and live free from stress and burn out; in a life of total harmony that they deserve.

Addressing and Preventing burnout in the legal profession

A CLE approved 6 module live series which will give you the mindset, as well as the tips and tricks to live a fully engaged, happy, professional and personal life, free from stress and burnout. This program is also approved by the Illinois Supreme Court on Professionalism for Mental Health.

Burnout to balance

Dr. Shola’s signature corporate wellness program provides tools and strategies to prevent and eliminate burnout through focus on total life harmony.

The Balanced Life

This addresses self care and wellness from a results oriented standpoint. The five pillars of balance our physical, mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual. Find out how paying attention to the five pillars of balance can make you a better person, friend, spouse, and a more productive employee/entrepreneur/employer.

These topics can also be tailored to suit the needs of your particular organization.

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