Busy professional!

Yes you!

You have a career, a great job, for which you studied and burned the midnight oil. You have climbed the professional ladder but it feels like it is leaning against the wrong wall. You feel that you should be grateful for all the opportunities that you have, and yet you find yourself wondering



Maybe you have gifts, passions, and talents that you have allowed to die in the name of pursuing a career. Maybe your children have asked you (as mine once did), “Mommy have you forgotten us?” Maybe you love your chosen job or profession, but the grind has burnt you out. Imagine what will happen if you continue like this. Will your family survive it? Will your health? Will you be that person who has all the money and no real relationships? Will you be the CEO who drops dead from a heart attack at a young age? If you don’t pay attention to your total life harmony now, you run the risk of losing it all! I have been there. I have been that woman, burnt out and worn out at the peak of her career with a sub optimal family life. Working with mentors and coaches, with practical strategies and principles, help me get out of a rut, defeat burnout and live a full family life in passionate pursuit of my dreams and goals. The path is different for everyone, but you CAN HAVE IT ALL: A great career, and amazing family life, authentic relationships, pursuit of purpose, peace of mind, and total life harmony free from stress and burnout. Let me ask you this, what do you want your dream life to look like? Are you ready to build this dream life?

Any professional can live a burn out free life through Balance With Dr. Shola because I teach you how to defeat burn out through balance.

You can continue along the path of being time-pressured, energy-depleted, and boundary-deficient, or you can step up to higher ground. Let’s face it, you have one life to live on this earth (and you have very likely lived 1/3 of it already) ! Doing the same old thing will not get you different results. If you want total life harmony, peace of mind, clarity of purpose, health, happiness and prosperity; you are going to have to do something other than wishing, hoping, and waiting!

Make a different choice, attain a different outcome!    

I ask you now to take the bold step and click the button below to schedule your next session or program with the Queen of Balance, Dr. Shola. You will get a personal call from me that will start you on the road to transformation. A guaranteed FULL refund, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, will be issued if you are not satisfied with the promised results.