Hey I’m Dr. Shola, the vibrant and innovative CEO and founder of Balance With Dr. Shola LLC and Physician Heal Yourself brand. I am a multitalented MD like you, who is a physician coach, minsdet coach, speaker, best selling author, author coach and many other appellates.

I have been featured on Fox 32 news, Huffpost, WVON radio, I heart radio, and blackdoctor.org. I have also been a guest on Outcome Health TV, an educational health TV network which airs in all 50 states of the US including University of Chicago, Kaiser Permanente, and Stanford University.

As a physician coach, I help multitalented early to mid career physicians create lives of more wealth, autonomy, freedom and fun, by using their gifts and talents to create multiple streams of income, using their gifts and talents outside of medicine.

My clients are unearthing previously untapped talents, writing books, getting book deals, starting businesses, creating multiple income streams, and above all showing up as their authentic selves, making impact all over the globe.

Like me, (and you probably), my clients are polymaths, otherwise known as multipotentiates. A polymath is a person who excels across a diverse range of areas. If are skilled in areas other than medicine and you want to use those skills as part of creating your dream life, welcome home!

I am a doctor.
I am a writer.
I am a speaker.
I am a coach.
I am a connector.
I am an organizer.

I am not burnt out, or stressed out, running from pillar to post, seeing patients from sun up to sun down, wondering what I have missed out in life! This is because in addition to creating multiple streams of income from my gifts and talents outside of medicine, I do not forget the most important founding principles of self care, life harmony, rest and balance.

People think that to be successful, you have to sacrifice your health, relationships and sanity. Not so! My clients and I work smart, rest well, and play too!

It’s time to Balance with Dr. Shola!