What is a comfort zone?

By definition, it is a psychological state in which person feels at ease, familiar, in control with low anxiety and stress. Even though it it called a comfort zone, you are usually anything but comfortable. It is the familiarity with the current situation and the fear of what is “out there”, that keeps people stuck in situations that are not right for them.
Why would we want to break free from a place that is familiar and easy, with low anxiety and stress? For the following reasons:

1. The comfort zone is a place of stagnation which will eventually lead to regression.
2. The comfort zone is a place where no growth or change occurs. Everything that you need next is outside of your comfort zone.
3. The comfort zone is dull and you will only have minimal impact.
4. The comfort zone is a place where you never stretch to find out what you can truly become.
5. The comfort zone is a place of small mindedness.
6. The comfort zone is being a “big fish in a small pond”
7. The comfort zone gives you a false sense of security- “at least its the ‘devil I know’”.
8. Think about breaking free of your comfort zone.On the other side is excitement, uncertainty, growth, freedom, false starts, life as it is meant to be. Outside your comfort zone is all the change you need. Outside your comfort zone is real living!

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